We love our large selection of incredible flavors. If your favorite flavor isn't in stock anymore, try something new while you wait for its possible return!

The flavor that started it all! Chocolate Chirp is a classic chocolate chip cookie dough that's rich and creamy raw, and moist and ooey-gooey when baked. The semi-sweet chocolate and buttery dough will make even the flightless soar to new heights. You can't go wrong when you pick up the classic!

This dough is legendary like the sea monsters of old. White chocolate chips with crumbled chocolate cookies mixed in a toothsome dough. We guarantee you'll be taking shark bites outta this.

We're neither confirming nor denying that a little bird told us this recipe. This sprinkle-tastic dough is sure to make you Coo-Coo for some more. With heaps of colorful sprinkles and subtle notes of almond cake, this will be everyone's celebration.

This dough is those with a mammoth appetite for chocolate. Deep dark chocolate chips intermingled with milk chocolate boosted with a touch of coffee powder and mixed all together in a rich cocoa dough.