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I was first introduced to this product at the farmers market in Frisco. It is so nice to be able to have fresh baked cookies that are gluten free. And to be able to have the amount that I want and always fresh and warm. I was so happy to find it on line. It is just as good as I remember. DELICIOUS!!😋

Gluten Free Chocolate Chirp Cookie Dough


These cookies are delicious. A great family treat or a sweet gift for teachers, colleagues, or neighbors.

Pregnant wife approved!

A great addition to ice cream for a perfect dessert.

I was surprised at how good this is. I can't describe the flavor, but it's so good. I definitely recommend this.

I got this for my husband and he loved it. He highly recommends it.

Great flavor, great texture. It's hard to keep from eating the entire container in one sitting! I highly recommend this flavor

A stellar review

This shit is fire. 🔥

I baked some cookies today.
They are very good

Easy and Indulgent

This is the ultimate gluten-free cookie dough! Even if you are not gluten-free I assure you this will be the best eatable cookie dough/cookies you have ever tasted. It excels both raw and baked, offering a moist and creamy experience! If you haven't tried Dodough yet I cannot recommend it highly enough.

An incredibly delicious cookie dough

a definite must buy for chocaholics!

I love it, the wife's hips hate it.

Absolutely delicious. I was expecting a weird texture because it is gluten free but the extra processing of the flour substitute makes all the difference. The wife loves it because she can take a little Tupperware to work with her and just snack on it throughout the day because it is safe to eat raw.


Tasted great as dough and after I baked them. Looking forward to try other flavors.

Excellent Cookie Dough

The coo-coo cake dough is not as good as the chocolate chip or mammoth mudslide, but still excellent. It was not the first to go but it was all eaten, I promise you that!

Dam Good

Sev said to give it a try and it was fuckin D E L isous. I didn't get a chance to make cookies with it since the dough was so god dam tasty. I didn't know whether to eat it or shove it in my ass. So good, if u are thinking of trying it in the words of Shia LaBeouf "just do it"


Had the pleasure of trying multiple flavors and all of them were absolutely delicious! Soft baked and melt in your mouth yum!

Chocolate Chirp

Delicious cookie dough both straight from the container and baked into cookies!

For a strawberry cookie good. Baking set for gooey and white chocolate chips soft. Yummy.

Increase the marshallow content. Currently you taste peanut butter. If you microwave it taste like peanut butter fudge

This is the best chocolate cookie, must try.

Flutter Butter cookie dough

It taste amazing!

I would highly recommend!

3 Pound Case

3 Pound Case