Frequently Asked Questions

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Is dodough safe to eat straight from the container?

YES! We use heat-treated flour and replace the eggs in traditional recipes with flax seed so dodough is completely safe to eat both raw and cooked.

What allergies should we be concerned about?

All of our cookie doughs are made with completely gluten-free ingredients. They do, however, include milk and soy ingredients. Always check the ingredient list on each pint before consuming to be sure it is safe for you to eat.

What is the shelf life of dodough?

We recommend that you consume dodough within 10-14 days if you're keeping it at room temperature, 45 days if you're refrigerating it, and 1 year if you are freezing it.

How long will it take to get my order?

We ship your order on either Monday or Tuesday to be sure there are no weekend delays and use 3-day or less shipping speeds.

Is my cookie dough shipped safely?

We deep freeze all cookie dough and ship them in insulated bags with dry ice inside of the box. This ensures that the cookie dough does not go over room temperature by the time it gets to you. While the dough is completely safe to eat if left at room temperature for 2 weeks, we still strive to get the product to you without it being warm. Your dough may not arrive frozen or very cold, but it's still safe to eat!

Do you ship internationally?

No. We need to ensure that the cookie dough gets to its destination quickly, and that means international shipping just isn't possible right now. We can only ship to the lower 48 states.

Something is wrong with my shipment.

We have a 100% Yummy Guarantee. If there are any issues with your shipment, please contact us. Be sure to include the order number and detail your problem so we can help you right away.